1. Login to Mynic Domain Control Panel from http://www.mynic.my, but click on the “Login” button
  2. Enter your login details and click “login”.
  3. Enter your Technical Contact Code, which can be found from your domain Whois record. (http://whois.mynic.my/)
  4. Mouse over to “Domain Name” and click “Modify Domain”.
  5. Enter your Domain Name at “[Domain Name]” and select your domain extension under “[Domain Extension]” and click “Search”.
  6. Under “Search Results”, tick the domain name you want to modify and click “Modify”.
  7. Choose “Add / Remove / Change Name Server”.
  8. Enter the name server under “Change to: “.
  9. Click “Modify” button.
  10. Wait for the TAC number send to your registered Mobile Number, enter the TAC and click “Continue”.
  11. Your new DNS should be successfully modified, and please allow 24-72 hours for complete DNS propagation.

If you have problem in receiving the TAC number at your mobile, please click here to double check the mobile number setting.

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